Fills Good Program by Dee For Dentist Asks “How Would Your Organization Use $1,500.00 to Help Children in Southern Nevada?”


Wines Du Jour


Wines Du Jour has weathered the test of time with great panache and continues to offer a playful yet impactful weekly food and wine menu for its listeners and invited guests alike. We are offering fine choices of wines that are paired with quality food at each of the current weeks host upscale restaurant. Every week, for well over eleven years, Wines Du Jour has set the stage for a featured winery and three of their wines. Everyone will have an opportunity to taste and compare these wines in a somewhat informal setting.

This syndicated program will engage all of your senses while adding to your wine and even your food knowledge. The goal is always to offer a broadcast that will be informative to both the listener and the invited guests at the event including both the novice and wine expert. As an executive Chef, educator, Las Vegas wineau, cookbook author and Lifestyle expert, Les Kincaid shares recipes, offers resources and tips to help make your everyday enjoyment of food and wine a bit more delicious.

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For Mike and Dee Dee, owners of Dee for Dentist, UNLV is a family affair. Check out the summer issue of UNLV Magazine. #Vegas #dentist #excellence #entrepreneurs #UNLVAlumni

For Mike and Dee Dee, owners of Dee for Dentist, UNLV is a family affair. Check out the summer issue of UNLV Magazine. #Vegas #dentist #excellence #entrepreneurs #UNLVAlumni

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Rosemary Fizz-page-0Butternut Squash at Springs Cafe

Vegas Player,Fall 2011/Winter 2012, The Las Vegas Lifestyle Magazine of Caesars Entertainment

Chris Fava - Vegas Inc. interview

Institute offers monthlong certification course-page-0Pg1 Cover-page-0 Pg2 About-page-0 Pg6 Department 3-page-0 Pg13 Demo 4-page-0

Adrienne Hester Editor in Chief

SOREAL Magazine 2010 Relevant Me issue Letter from the Editor

Hott Cakez Las Vegas

Hott Cakez Las Vegas

SOREAL Magazine January/February 2011

Adrienne Hester Editor in Chief


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