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Roadblocks Come in Many Forms

30 Oct

Last week I wrote a post about ABC’s Shark Tank and Pro NRG owner Tania Patruno called ‘Know Your Message’ and the valuable advice she received from Barbara Cochran about an effective product message.

The other day I received a negative comment about my post pertaining to three verb tense errors which have since been revised. What brings me to publicly mention the comment, I did not approve, was due to the angry tone and inappropriate reference of a race, of which I am not a part, the person used to try to affect me mentally as if a grammar error makes me an ineffective marketing consultant.

The condescending comments were “amazing…everyone is a consultant” and “WTF,” however the unprofessional and inappropriate statement pertaining to race, which I refuse to repeat, was the main reason to not approve the comment. 

I think back to the days when I was not self-employed and the number of times I encountered a coworker, an immediate supervisor, or someone outside of the organization going out of their way to put up road blocks in an attempt to thwart a successful outcome ̶ in this case trying to discredit me professionally through my writing.

Marketing is a competitive field and remarks like those can get anyone off track. The point to remember is to remain positive and use the negativity as encouragement to know you’re on the right track. Press on and meet your goal.

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