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Mistakes Happen

5 Oct


I sent out a press release for a new client and accidentally placed my media contacts in the copy line instead of the blind copy line and hit send. By the time I noticed my error, it was too late to recall. Luckily, it was not a 380-person national media list like Gloria Allred as reported by the Hollywood Reporter; nonetheless it’s not a good look. There is a legitimate reason the mistake was made, however I rather not place blame on circumstance. I acknowledged the blunder by immediately sending an apology to the contacts on the email in the proper blind item format.

The lesson learned is to recognize a mistake happened, accept it and take responsibility for it.



Simple Tips for a Successful Media Interview

27 Feb

Whether we like it or not, the news media has a lot of influence and can have a positive or negative impact on your company’s bottom line with just one mention. When comments are constructive it is easy to love media coverage, but when it’s not positive, it’s easy to become defensive and want to engage in pointless dialogue with the journalist or media outlet which is a no win situation for you and your company. Whether you have an amazing publicist or not, knowing some basics will help you prepare for your day in the spotlight and have a successful interview.

It’s important to remember the goal when securing a media interviews: 1) Clearly convey your company’s mission and message. 2) Build awareness about you and/or your company, products and/or events. 3) Sell products and/or services. 4) Influence consumer behavior.

 To make the best impression the following are fundamental to your success and opens the possibility for the media outlet to seek your outlook in future articles or segments.

Be Authentic. If you don’t believe what you are saying neither will the audience. Consumers are smart and don’t forget you are still a consumer. Ask yourself, “Do I believe what I am saying?”

Be Present. Nothing is worse than trying to talk or listen to someone who distracted. Make sure you give the interview your utmost attention.

Be In Control of Your Message, Demeanor and Gestures.  A) Tailor your message for the specific audience of the media outlet for which you are speaking.  B) Keep your message to no more than four key points so you don’t confuse the audience. C) Don’t be the fast talking-arm throwing guest who comes across as wacky (think Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets and six other children, and her appearance on ABC’s “The View.” Click here to watch the clip.)

Use Everyday Language. Unless you are a theoretical physicist like Dr. Michio Kaku speaking about the complexities of a nuclear meltdown or the space-time continuum, keep it simple.

Do Your Homework.  Check out the media outlet before your interview to get a sense of structure and style and know positions of  your competitors.

Practice Makes Perfect. Rehearse out loud until it rolls off your tongue like second nature.

This is just the basics to help you prepare for an interview and successfully meet communication goals from per-interview to interview. If you would like more information on in-depth training send an email to Adrienne@2girlsconsulting.com

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