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Storytelling Captures Your Audience and Results in Sales

5 Aug

Story of successGaining attention in the business world is a highly challenging effort. Competition is deep, and there are many original marketing practices that can shine a spotlight on your company. The best way to stay there and to turn that attention into sales, is through storytelling to connect your audience with your products or services.

Establishing a target audience or customer for your company is crucial. You have to know who you are talking to and what tone you should be using to communicate to them. They are the main characters in your tale. A basic premise could be someone (your target customer), wants or needs something (your product or service) and is having difficulty getting it.

No matter what medium you use to tell your story, there are some basic strategies you can use to pull in customers. Remember, your main character has a problem they need solved or a goal they want to meet, and they need help.

There should also be a clear sense of the stakes at hand for your characters.  While you want to keep things positive overall, if there are moments of anxiety or fear about not finding what they need, those will create a sense of urgency. Everyone has experienced disappointment and setbacks so drawing on those emotions will connect with customers, especially when you follow-up with the ways your company can ease that trepidation.

In the end, of course, the happy ending to the story is provided by your company. Make it clear to the customer just how confident you are that they will be happy with your solutions.

Well-crafted case studies, testimonials, website content, press releases, presentations and even product description pages can become the compelling narratives to tell your customers your company’s story. For guidance on the best way to create an intriguing storytelling structure across all media platforms, contact us.

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