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Connect With Others Through Storytelling

30 Sep

open book with lettersSpend time with the most successful professionals and one of the features you will begin to notice is the charisma they project.  Charisma is undoubtedly a factor in success, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes a person stand out as extraordinary.  Although charisma is multifaceted, it is built on the ability to connect with others.  How can you begin to hone this skill and stand out?  Start by crafting a personal story as a way to connect with others.

A Story Says it All, in Less Words

Your story should be like great writing: succinct, informative, and engaging.  Think of some main points you want to convey.  What is your vision?  What are your passions?  How did they develop based on your history?  Keep your audience in mind when telling your story – don’t dominate the conversation by talking too much, and don’t be shy about telling your story.

Storytelling Tells the Truth

Stories are a great way to give people a sense of who you are, in addition to conveying facts about yourself.  If you are articulate, confident, and personable, this will show in the way that you tell your story.  Storytelling allows people to read between the lines and connect with you on a personal level.  This lays the foundation for long-lasting connections.

            Spend Time Getting to Know Your Story.

It pays to spend time developing your own personal story.  What can you say that will both display who you are and allow people to connect with you?  Practice telling your story so no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll be able to tell a story as a starting point for conversation.

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