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The Art of Brand Consistency: Lessons from ABC’s “Scandal”

28 Apr

Judy Smith and Kerry WashingtonIf you have been on Twitter at all in the last year, then you have definitely seen how Thursday night, especially on Twitter, have become all about Scandal on ABC. Based loosely on the professional life of Judy Smith, a world-renowned crisis management expert, the show chronicles the personal life and escapades of main character Olivia Pope, played by actress Kerry Washington, and her team as they navigate the tense and complex political world of Washington D.C. 

1. Dress the Part

Olivia Pope has become known for her keen fashion sense, and refined outfits. This represents more than just her having great taste however, as her style conveys her sense of professionalism and say something about her, even when she isn’t speaking. The same is true for business. Does your blog match your key messaging? Do you tweet relevant topics and engage with influencers? You are always saying something, and mastering your message comes across in your appearance. 

2. Know Your Role

As a political “fixer”, Olivia Pope is called into situations that require her to act quickly, professionally, and have a bias towards results. She does not overstep her bounds (outside of her relationship with the President of course), which allows her to master her niche. For a brand, knowing where you fit in your market is crucial to consistent growth and building a solid clientele.

3. Build a Winning Team 

Olivia Pope might not be as successful without her winning team. They provide logistical support, background information, and a place for her to think through strategies. Your brand is only as good as the team you surround yourself with. Each person on her team has a role that they accept and do to the best of their ability. The total of their work allows not only Olivia Pope to thrive, but gains equal amounts of notoriety for the business.

Consistent brand messaging is imperative to building a campaign that gives your customers what they want, and separates you from your competition. Just like Olivia Pope, your brand is something you are always wearing and representing, inside and outside of the office.  2GC prides itself on delivering top-notch services that you can always count on and will elevate your promotional activities with grace, class and an overriding desire to succeed.

Contact us today and let us craft messaging and promotions that will take you to the next level.

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