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The Role of Storytelling in Effectively Promoting Your Business

5 May

storytellingWhen promoting your business and connecting with people, you’ll need a well-crafted narrative told with passion and conviction which communicates your unique message and the value you bring to people. 

Compelling storytelling in novels and movies holds people’s attention and stirs their minds and hearts.  Similarly, storytelling in business can have a powerful effect on attention, emotions, and thoughts; if the narrative is well-told, it will resonate with people.

Strong narratives can feature in multiple avenues of promotion, including the following:

Case studies.  In addition to using raw numbers to provide evidence of your accomplishments, add a human face to your success stories.  With an in-depth case study, you can focus on the story of a particular person who was positively affected by your product or service.  The story can start with the customer facing a certain problem, and then develop by showing in detail the solutions you devised and implemented.  These case studies should be positioned on your website and other platforms.

Press releases.  You could weave your personal story into a press release by depicting who you are and highlighting the inspirations behind your services or products.  For instance, if you started a business selling skin care products because you had struggled for years with acne or eczema, bring this out in your promotional materials.  Potential customers may identify with you and treat your story as their own.

Conference presentations.  If you deliver a presentation at a conference related to your industry, you may have beautiful charts and impressive data, however, they won’t mean much unless you’ve woven a narrative out of them. According to a story in The New York Times,This Is Your Life (and How You Tell It),” the human brain has a liking for narratives. If you incorporate your facts into a compelling story, your audience is more apt to follow you and be engaged with your material.

Quality storytelling plays an important role in promoting your business in any medium, including blogs, case studies, videos, press releases, advertisements, magazine articles, and PowerPoint presentations.  To craft compelling narratives for different media, contact us. We’ll shape the facts and figures of your business into memorable stories that resonate with other people.

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