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The Importance of Good Publicity

16 Mar

Public-RelationsYou have an idea. You are going to create a revolutionary product or service to make life better for everyone and make you a lot of money. You have the location, distributors and all the details worked out. There is one problem. Getting noticed on the Internet is like being rescued from a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean. Without a beacon no one knows where to find you. No one even knows you or your fantastic product exist. Even if you want to market to a local audience, a vast number of people now use the Inter net for their initial search of local businesses and products.

Whether you are a national company, a small business owner or a self published author writing books while working full-time at your “normal” job, publicity is the key to making your goals a reality. There are many ways to market a brand. Creating a presence on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social networks is useful, but that approach is limited by itself. If no one knows who you are, they cannot “friend” or “follow” you, and it will not matter how many wonderful or witty posts you do. Without publicity to get your name to new people, sales and promotions have limited impact.

In the past, you would build your store or business, put your number in the phone book, buy a few newspaper ads and develop your customer base with good customer service and word of mouth. Now, there is search engine optimization, Facebook ads, YouTube videos and millions of other methods that people will swear worked for them and are your keys to success. But without the correct publicity the best YouTube video will not be seen. Without videos, social networking and websites, the best publicity will not take you very far. Success today is determined by a variety of methods and moving parts. You can try to battle these obstacles alone, or you can enlist help. Some will make it either way. You can attempt the swim to shore, through shark infested waters, and hope your dreams do not drown, but there is a lot to be said for a good life raft and flare gun to signal the rescue planes.


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Personalize it with a Handwritten Note

30 Apr

One of the best ways to show your business cares and provides personalized attention is to send a handwritten thank you note.  I have found this to be a lost form of communication because technology has made it too easy to simply send a quick email or an e-card. Taking the time to handwritten a note let’s your clients and potential new clients know your company is serious about your business relationship.  It also separates you and/or your business from the multitude of gift baskets, cupcakes, fruit and sugar cookies sent to clients. It also allows you to get back to the basics.

For one, it’s satisfying.  Being able to express feelings clearly and concisely on paper is rewarding. Second, it’s personable. You have to come up with the message unlike a card bought in a store or pre-made online. Third, it shows you care because time was taken to sit and pen a message.

Make it a priority to show your clients, business partner/associate, and employees how much they mean to you (although, this is a blog and typed on a computer #irony.)

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