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Consistent Brand Messaging When Building Your Personal Brand

3 Mar

hair styleBuilding a powerful personal brand starts with you. How you present yourself publicly and online strongly affects how your brand is interpreted by the masses. Because your personal brand is a reflection of who you are personally, you must be aware, the totality of your actions will determine your brand.

Nurturing Your Brand Through Authenticity

Your brand is your legacy. Once you establish what you want your brand message to be, you must own it. How you present yourself to the world will define your brand culture – make it memorable. Your actions, expertise, and emotional connection to your brand will define how it is viewed. Offer something valuable only you can provide to the public; live it, and you will garner true authenticity.

Build Character – Online and Off

In the digital age, your online presence with social media has become your touchstone. This is where you engage those interested in your brand. Make sure the design of your online outlets closely aligns with your character and brand message. Whether you have a design team or one person working on creative, make sure there is an understanding of your brand’s uniqueness, your character is clearly interpreted, and don’t forget, a picture is worth a thousand words and this is your moment to shine. It will aid in your social media marketing campaign.

Consistent Brand Messaging

Current and potential clients want consistency. They want to know you will deliver each time with the same or better results. Your clients want to trust you, they want to count on you to be the answer. Consistency in your communications gives clients something to rely on. If you deliver strong and consistent communications, your clients will become evangelists of your brand. 

For more information on how you can build a powerful personal brand, contact the professionals at TwoGirlsConsulting LLC. We understand your physical and digital image must exude your brand. Enticing and consistent communication of your personal brand relies on a carefully crafted strategy. At 2GC, your image is everything.



Connect With Others Through Storytelling

30 Sep

open book with lettersSpend time with the most successful professionals and one of the features you will begin to notice is the charisma they project.  Charisma is undoubtedly a factor in success, a certain je ne sais quoi that makes a person stand out as extraordinary.  Although charisma is multifaceted, it is built on the ability to connect with others.  How can you begin to hone this skill and stand out?  Start by crafting a personal story as a way to connect with others.

A Story Says it All, in Less Words

Your story should be like great writing: succinct, informative, and engaging.  Think of some main points you want to convey.  What is your vision?  What are your passions?  How did they develop based on your history?  Keep your audience in mind when telling your story – don’t dominate the conversation by talking too much, and don’t be shy about telling your story.

Storytelling Tells the Truth

Stories are a great way to give people a sense of who you are, in addition to conveying facts about yourself.  If you are articulate, confident, and personable, this will show in the way that you tell your story.  Storytelling allows people to read between the lines and connect with you on a personal level.  This lays the foundation for long-lasting connections.

            Spend Time Getting to Know Your Story.

It pays to spend time developing your own personal story.  What can you say that will both display who you are and allow people to connect with you?  Practice telling your story so no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll be able to tell a story as a starting point for conversation.

For more information about the benefits of storytelling, please  contact us.


Storytelling Captures Your Audience and Results in Sales

5 Aug

Story of successGaining attention in the business world is a highly challenging effort. Competition is deep, and there are many original marketing practices that can shine a spotlight on your company. The best way to stay there and to turn that attention into sales, is through storytelling to connect your audience with your products or services.

Establishing a target audience or customer for your company is crucial. You have to know who you are talking to and what tone you should be using to communicate to them. They are the main characters in your tale. A basic premise could be someone (your target customer), wants or needs something (your product or service) and is having difficulty getting it.

No matter what medium you use to tell your story, there are some basic strategies you can use to pull in customers. Remember, your main character has a problem they need solved or a goal they want to meet, and they need help.

There should also be a clear sense of the stakes at hand for your characters.  While you want to keep things positive overall, if there are moments of anxiety or fear about not finding what they need, those will create a sense of urgency. Everyone has experienced disappointment and setbacks so drawing on those emotions will connect with customers, especially when you follow-up with the ways your company can ease that trepidation.

In the end, of course, the happy ending to the story is provided by your company. Make it clear to the customer just how confident you are that they will be happy with your solutions.

Well-crafted case studies, testimonials, website content, press releases, presentations and even product description pages can become the compelling narratives to tell your customers your company’s story. For guidance on the best way to create an intriguing storytelling structure across all media platforms, contact us.

The Role of Storytelling in Effectively Promoting Your Business

5 May

storytellingWhen promoting your business and connecting with people, you’ll need a well-crafted narrative told with passion and conviction which communicates your unique message and the value you bring to people. 

Compelling storytelling in novels and movies holds people’s attention and stirs their minds and hearts.  Similarly, storytelling in business can have a powerful effect on attention, emotions, and thoughts; if the narrative is well-told, it will resonate with people.

Strong narratives can feature in multiple avenues of promotion, including the following:

Case studies.  In addition to using raw numbers to provide evidence of your accomplishments, add a human face to your success stories.  With an in-depth case study, you can focus on the story of a particular person who was positively affected by your product or service.  The story can start with the customer facing a certain problem, and then develop by showing in detail the solutions you devised and implemented.  These case studies should be positioned on your website and other platforms.

Press releases.  You could weave your personal story into a press release by depicting who you are and highlighting the inspirations behind your services or products.  For instance, if you started a business selling skin care products because you had struggled for years with acne or eczema, bring this out in your promotional materials.  Potential customers may identify with you and treat your story as their own.

Conference presentations.  If you deliver a presentation at a conference related to your industry, you may have beautiful charts and impressive data, however, they won’t mean much unless you’ve woven a narrative out of them. According to a story in The New York Times,This Is Your Life (and How You Tell It),” the human brain has a liking for narratives. If you incorporate your facts into a compelling story, your audience is more apt to follow you and be engaged with your material.

Quality storytelling plays an important role in promoting your business in any medium, including blogs, case studies, videos, press releases, advertisements, magazine articles, and PowerPoint presentations.  To craft compelling narratives for different media, contact us. We’ll shape the facts and figures of your business into memorable stories that resonate with other people.

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