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Consistent Brand Messaging-Your Key to Business Success

9 Mar

consistencyIn today’s media driven world, marketing your business is not only a good idea, it’s absolutely essential to be successful. Between the traditional media such as newspaper flyers and direct mail, and newer media such as websites, social media and blogs, consistent brand messaging is the key to telling everyone who you are and what you do.

Your brand is your most important voice in reflecting your business. According to Brand Periscope, a brand is a promise of quality and value. It’s your commitment to be consistent and reliable and deliver exactly what you have promised each and every time. It’s the first step to take in developing any marketing campaign. In fact, it’s the first step you should take when you decide to start a business.

When you are writing your business plan, describe what you plan to sell or provide for your customer. Research your target market and discover exactly what they want and how you can deliver it for them. Create your brand to let them know how your product will simplify their life, make their life better or benefit them in some other way they find necessary.

Creating your brand requires one unified voice that consistently spells out who you are and how you can meet the customers needs. Sending a uniform message is reassuring. If you send mixed messages or go “off-brand”, you will erode the trust you are trying to develop. Losing focus can also mean losing the target market that is a match for your product or service. The consistent approach must be across the whole spectrum of your marketing plan and not just hit or miss. You need to deliver the same message each time, but in new creative ways.

That’s where TwoGirlsConsulting (2GC) can help. We can define your brand message, keep it consistent and help you build the trust and value your clients need to do business with you. Developing your brand message will keep your customer focused on your product and how you are committed to meeting their needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop your brand and increase your market share to meet your business goals.

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